Do I need Wi-Fi/Internet?

Camera Guys systems record on site so they only require Internet to use the remote viewing feature. A mobile hotspot device is typically enough internet to run our mobile app.

Is there a monthly monitoring fee?

There is NO MONTHLY FEE to access your camera footage with a Camera Guys Custom Surveillance System. All systems are recorded on site and there is never an additional charge to view your recordings.

How many cameras do I need?

We provide an on site consultation with every custom system so we can discuss your specific needs in person. Typically a residence will require 4-8 cameras depending on the size of home, outbuildings, etc.

Why “Custom Surveillance Systems”?

There are many variables when it comes to surveillance cameras so we believe in building a CUSTOM system based on each customers specific needs and wants. Peel and Stick systems off the shelf leave you disappointed in the views they provide so let the experts at Camera Guys build you a custom and quality surveillance system.

Are the cameras wireless?

Camera Guys Custom Surveillance Systems are professionally hardwired by our licensed technicians to provide you the most reliable surveillance system possible.

Our Line of Sight technology allows us to provide you that same reliability in remote locations like equipment buildings and livestock barns.